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Cohen|Rosen is a brand of representing Eric and Leida. We share stories, some life updates, some experiences and many things.


Cohen as known as Aya “CoCo” Cohen. She’s a mom. A doctor, a vlogger, a cosplayer, a model, an actress, a gamer, an artist, an aviation nerd, and a military geek. She loves fashion and beauty treatment, especially skin and body treatment. She has a vision and a purpose of her life, to be an inspiration, do good and always be a good person.

Rosen as known as “EL Rosen”, is the life companion of Cohen. He’s the man behind her back. He’s the guide and her protector as well. He loves guns and coffee. He was in United States Marine Corps, but now he works in the private aviation sector and also

he is back in the military service, United States Army. He’s a pilot as well, he can fly a variety of light aircraft. 
He makes goals and known from his famous quote.
"Life is like combat. You can make all the plans in the world from beginning to end, and as soon as contact is made with the enemy, all those plans go out the window. You need to be flexible in combat. Life is the same way. I don’t make many plans, I make goals!" - EL Rosen